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Wall Side Modular Laboratory Furniture

Long-lasting metal lab casework, benches and cabinets

Module Steel Lab Storage Islands

Modular steel lab furniture combines long-lasting durability with timeless aesthetic appeal. Among the other benefits of steel lab furniture, the material will last for decades with proper maintenance. That’s why Metrolabs Lab Furniture designs lab systems with long-term metal lab countertops and cabinets. Whether you need an entirely new lab designed for efficiency & durability or want to replace your current furniture with something more stable, we've got the expertise and configurations to get you there.

Our reputation speaks for itself: if you need lab designs, furniture installation, or ventilation testing then get in touch with Metrolabs. 

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Benefits of steel cabinets and casework in labs

metal cabinets from Metrolabs are popular in labs all over the world because they’re suitable for both wet & dry labs. The main properties of stainless steel laboratory cabinets include:

The initial cost of steel casework may seem high, but its longevity and natural resistance return the investment ten-fold. If you’re building a lab on a budget, Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture suggests affordable alternatives to steel casework or can design a durable lab around your budget. Get in touch for more information.

Durable steel safety cabinets for labsLab Steel Storage Cabinet

Each steel cabinet we supply is constructed to support up to 2,000 lbs. These strong cabinets provide secure storage of common lab supplies including acids, flammable liquids, and biohazardous materials.

Our modular steel furniture is finished with a baked-on epoxy powder coating to improve strength and resistance to corrosion & abrasions.

We design specific lab configurations for your steel furniture to maximize lab space and appearance while complying with safety standards and lab regulations. See some of our past modular steel laboratory furniture installations in action.

Standard features of modular steel lab furniture:

metal Laboratory Furniture and Equipment for Modern Industries

The properties of stainless steel lab countertops & cabinets make them ideal for modern industries like:

…really any lab that requires a sterile environment would benefit from our metal lab furniture. Metrolabs Lab Furniture sells casework, cabinets, countertops, fume hoods, and fixtures for industrial labs & R&D environments.

Our clients range from the fields of mining & energy extraction to aerospace exploration and food/beverage production. Get in touch with a lab designer for your industry who can outfit your lab with sanitary materials like steel.

Forward-Thinking Lab Designs Save Money and Reduce DowntimeStainless Steel Cabinets and Counters for Lab

Modular construction allows doors and drawers to be easily swapped out based on need. Individual cabinets can be field-converted from door cabinets to drawer cabinets without removing the bench or rearranging your lab configuration. All of our steel laboratory furniture is made in the India by skilled craftsmen.

Choose from numerous options and styles of laboratory benches, all with modular design and interchangeable components to adapt to your changing laboratory environment. Many door and drawer styles are available for each cabinet, giving you a wide choice of combinations to create the right look for the lab.

We understand your lab needs today may change in the future, which is why Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture helps you future-proof with adaptable laboratory design. Complete your lab design with the following:

Design stainless steel laboratory cabinets for your lab with Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture experts.