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Food and Beverages Industry Labs - Lab Furniutre and Fume hoods

Food/Beverage Science Lab Design & Furniture Installation

Food testing equipment from leading Indian manufacturers

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture has designed, supplied, and installed furniture to local and international labs in every industry. From traditional school laboratories to medical forensics labs, our award-winning designers know what furnishings each type of lab needs. Your lab’s design will depend on its industry and how it will be used. Ask our experts for guidance on how to create the best lab using our high quality benches, casework, cabinetry, counters, and more.

Stainless Steel Food Research Counter

Food science lab counters & sterile work surfaces

Metrolabs’s lab countertop materials like stainless steel or high-pressure plastic laminate provide easy clean up and sterilization. All designs and installations are overseen by our adept project managers.




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Certified Laboratory Equipment for Safe Food Testing

We specialize in high-quality laboratory furniture tested and certified for air velocity, HEPA Filtration and vapor visibility. Our chemical fume hoods are ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO & NSF-Compliant, and our selection of fume hoods is comprehensive. Choose from low bench, walk-in, demonstration, and variable air volume (VAV) fume hoods. Not only will Metrolabs fume hoods make research easier, it will also protect your personnel.

Our work in the United States includes:

metal Laboratory Furniture for Food Testing Laboratories

metal counters and cabinets can last for decades, are easy to sanitize, and resist corrosion chemicals and abrasions. Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture designs metal lab furniture made from welded tubular steel, modular steel, or stainless steel. 

Food Science Lab

Sink Faucets, Fixtures and Safety Equipment for Food Lab Settings

Metrolabs’s lab design services will help you choose the best fixtures and apparatus for your food science work. We offer WaterSaver™ and ColorTri faucet products, known for reliability in the professional food chemistry industry. Multiple finishing options and styles mean our products are customizable to your work.

These are just some of our products ideal for your food science lab:

Testing and Certification of Food Science Lab Equipment

Metrolabs is the only source you’ll need from the beginning to the end of your lab construction. Simplify your laboratory build with our all-encompassing services:

Metrolabs is a global lab furniture outfitter because our work is the most reliable and trusted in the food testing industry.

Personalized Laboratory Designs for Custom Work

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture is a global leader in lab designs and outfitting. We have worked with all types of labs around the world in every industry imaginable. Maybe you need a flexible furniture system to spread out your equipment. Or maybe you need permanent, sturdy casework with high chemical resistance. No matter how specified your work, our designers will create the right lab for your needs. Just contact our team today to get an estimate on your new lab’s design.

Our designs incorporate:

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture handles every aspect of your new lab. Build a new, industry-specific lab with our experts now. As a full-service design and sales firm, we’ll get back to you with CAD-designs or an estimate within 48 hours.

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