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Lab Faucets, Fixtures, Electrical Interfaces & Safety Equipment

Metrolabs’s laboratory design services don’t end at casework and benchtops. Designing an efficient laboratory workflow requires taking laboratory apparatus, storage, fixtures and accessories into account. Metrolabs helps you choose lab accessories to create an environment promoting safety, functionality and efficiency.

Pick from basic accessories like:

View some of our fixtures and apparatus we’ve installed in labs all over the world. Then contact our designers to request a quote.

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Safety Equipment for Labs

In every research or industrial laboratory, safety is the number-one priority. The experienced team of Metrolabs helps you make safety decisions specific to your lab’s work. We offer a complete line of high-quality safety and specialty laboratory equipment including:

We have installed furniture and equipment in labs around the world. In many countries, these safety accessories are legally required for the wellbeing of workers. Make sure your lab is up to local safety code with Metrolabs equipment.

Laboratory Sinks with Matching Counters

Laboratory Fixtures and Accessories

Popular sink options include epoxy resin, stainless steel and polyolefin. These laboratory sinks are available in drop-in or under-mount styles. The most popular laboratory sink is the drop-in style epoxy resin sink. This sink is bonded to the epoxy countertop and requires no understructure for support.

Single- and double-compartment units are available in epoxy and stainless steel. We’ll then match the rest of your counter with the sink to create a seamless finish.

Sink Faucets and Gas Fixtures

Metrolabs can help you select and position laboratory faucets and fixtures for ideal laboratory ergonomics. We offer WaterSaver™ and ColorTri brand products, both known for high performance and durability when engineered for professional use.

Fixtures are available in multiple finishes and mount styles customizable to your lab’s needs. Our fixture options include:

Finishes Valve Styles
  • Chrome plated
  • Powder coated – clear or colored
  • Satin nickel
  • Ball valve
  • Needle-point valve
  • Steam valve
Handles Mount Styles
  • 4-arm handles
  • Wrist blade handles
  • Lever handles
  • Deck mount
  • Panel mount
  • Wall mount

Electrical Lab Pedestal with Satin FinishElectrical and Data Equipment

Metrolabs provides wall, deck and panel-mounted fixtures for data, phone and power supply to ensure you're outfitted for technologically modern laboratory function. These high-quality devices are available in various styles with durable finishes for reliable connections, long-term performance and safe function.

Options Include:

Lab Cabinet Shelving and Storage

Fixed and mobile wire shelving provides high-density storage using minimal square footage. Reagent shelves above islands and peninsulas are available in one, two or three tiers. Wall shelving and pegboards provide convenient storage and functional use.

Wood Shelving Installed by MetrolabsFire-resistant cabinets and shelving are likely required if your lab regularly handles highly combustible materials.

Additionally, we carry pegboards in various sizes. Materials include:

Available pegboards match countertop materials and finishes, creating a cohesive, professional look. Sink area pegboard racks provide a practical and appealing option for drying and storing glassware.

Additional Lab Accessories

Metrolabs's combination of expertise, service and selection of custom-manufactured laboratory products is unmatched in our industry. We can help you create nearly any combination of lab products and accessories, including some of these items you may want to consider for your laboratory:

  • Dishwasher   
  • Office furniture
  • Task lighting
  • Utility tables
  • Hands-free water control devices
  • Stainless steel scullery and tub sinks
  • Balance tables
  • Laminar Flow Hoods
  • Polypropylene cabinets and fume hoods
  • Support rods
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Laboratory carts
  • Vent kits

Complete your lab design with the following:

No matter what your lab needs to function, Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture is your solution. We handle everything from your initial order to furniture delivery and equipment installation. A mechanical contractor is required to provide any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical hook-ups. Metrolabs does the rest!

Contact our laboratory accessory suppliers with questions about any lab accessories you need.