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Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture designs, manufacturer and install custom Indian-made laboratory Furniture for schools. We serve educational institutions of all levels:

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We design manufactur, supply, installa and service Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Science Lab, Language Lab, Biochemistry and Microbiology Lab


Chemistry LabScience Classroom

For school chemistry lab, work tables with sink and reagent rack is required. These work tables are provided with storage cupboards to store individual students apparatus, glassware and personal protective equipments. Separate bulk storage cupboards for strong acids and corrosive chemicals is a must. Preparation table to prepare various chemicals mixture and formulations, teacher’s table, spillage kit, first aid kit, safety chart and fire extinguisher are other necessary requirements. In which, we provide everything except fire extinguishers.

We design, manufacture, supply and install lab furniture suitable for any kind of chemistry lab. The size of work tables are custom made with reference to the lab dimension, student’s batch strength, water inlet - drain outlet directions and many other aspects. We submit 2-D drawings showing the table arrangements. On approval of the design, the price quotation will be given.

Main features :

Physics LabScience Classroom

Physics lab work tables require large space to accommodate all instruments and apparatus. Electrical connections are required in each table at the right location to connect these instruments and apparatus. An electrical circuit breaker which protects against short circuit is to be provided in each table. In the event of short circuit, breaker will trip and prevent accidental electrical shocks.

Cupboards and drawers are provided in the table to keep the individual equipments and personal protective items. All drawers and cupboards are provided with lock and key.


Biology LabScience Classroom

In biology lab, island work tables are to be provided with sink, drawers and cupboards. Individual cupboards and draws are provided to keep specimens, equipments and personal protective equipments.

Lab Stools are necessary here, since there will be more writing work than lab practical work. Common facilities like fire safety equipments and personal protective products are important. Spillage kit to treat formaldehyde spillage must be kept handy with proper labels.


Composite LabScience Classroom

A science composite lab is one in which experiments of all subjects can be done. The size and number of tables can be determined based on the students batch strength and the lab dimension.

Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Biology lab tables are provided with the same specifications as given in the individual lab section.

Main features :


Computer Science, Multimedia & Language LabScience Classroom

In computer science labs, individual work space is provided to each student with key board tray, CPU stand with lockable wheels. Circular and covered hole is provided on the table top to connect the wires. Electrical connection with 16A socket and switch is also provided.

Separation of work space between each student is done by making a side cover. An additional audio socket can be provided, with this addition, the language lab practical can also be conducted in the same lab with an additional smart and interactive key board. Multimedia practical can also be conducted.

Main features :

Fume Hoods for Safety and Teaching

Science ClassroomSchool appropriate safety equipment and accessories are all available from Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture.

  • Eye and face washes
  • Emergency showers and drench hose units
  • Safety stations

If your classroom will do any experiments which could create airborne contaminates, you need fume hoodsDemonstration hoods are ideal for classrooms where students will need to closely follow along with teacher instructions.

Epoxy is very popular with schools because it is durable and easy to maintain. Students can spills chemicals or drop beakers without destroying the worktop. Learn more about all our countertop options for school labs.








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