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Pharmaceutical Laboratory Furniture Supplier and Outfitter

Lab Furniture for Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Facilities

Pharmacy Lab Furniture Company SupplierPharmaceutical laboratories require the best in high-quality lab furniture and fume dood for ideal work conditions. A rundown lab with outdated furniture can put research results, and possibly lives, at risk. Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture knows the incredible responsibility of drug discovery and research. We design and install lab lab furniture for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare research facilities across the globe. Along with designing labs, we outfit them with everything from bench casework to fume hoods. Whether you work in an R&D department or a local neighborhood pharmacy, let us outfit and organize your lab.

International Laboratory Design & Remodeling for Pharmaceutical Research

Metrolabs offers comprehensive laboratory design, remodeling, and planning for some of the largest pharmaceutical research companies in the world. Their services range from drug discovery and preclinical development to biomarker testing and clinical trials. We design custom facilities to make work easier and safer.

In the India alone we’ve worked with:

Our work is not limited to India. We’ve built pharmacy labs all over the world. Let our designers engineer the ideal pharmaceutical lab space for your company, research organization, or university. Our comprehensive designs include the lab furniture and countertops, as well as any needed lab safety apparatus or accessories for a complete pharmaceutical lab system.

Best Countertop Materials for Sterile or Raw Material Testing

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture has multiple materials for pharmaceutical counters. Each material has different advantages depending on your lab’s function. Some materials prevent abrasion and impact damage while others are resistant to chemicals and bacteria.

Ask our experienced lab designers for more information on which counter material is right for your lab applications. We know how to balance your needs with costs so you get the right counters without going over budget.

Pharaceutical Lab Counters and metal caseworkFlexible Lab Furniture for Expanding Pharmacy Laboratories

Pharmacology is a rapidly growing field around the world. Chemists, biologists and chemical engineers specializing in healthcare drug development are needed more than ever. If you’re expanding your drug research staff or partnering with a university, Metrolabs is the only lab furniture and installer company you need. We supply benches and casework appropriate for permanent or mobile pharmacy labs. Our flexible laboratory systems are specially designed for your convenience by using lightweight material and locking casters wheels. Rearrange your lab whenever you want to best suit your workflow!

Pharma Lab Ventilation and Safety Systems

Chemical fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, clean rooms, and biological safety cabinets are all tools to protect your laboratory and research from harmful substances. The right ventilation system keeps dangerous fumes out of your lab. We supply a wide variety of chemical fume hoods for pharma laboratories.

Casework Installation for Pharmaceutical Companies

High Performance Fume Hoods for pharmaceutical labsMetrolabs Laboratory Furniture makes the design and ordering process as easy as possible. You’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire process, from design to final installation. You won’t be dealing with various manufacturers or subcontractors when we take care of everything for you.

With our installation services, we will deliver and install your pharmaceutical lab furniture to your lab and handle the logistics. This eliminates installation complications so you can focus on the pivotal research of pharmaceutical R&D. If you prefer to install yourself, we can deliver the casework and provide phone guidance for self-installation.

All our lab furniture is tested for safety. Whether you are analyzing the properties of cancer or evaluating the efficacy of a new chemical, Metrolabs has the right lab furniture for keeping your pharmaceutical lab sanitary. Our pharmaceutical lab furniture is affordable and durable for extensive use.

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