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Custom Laboratory Space Designs

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture has designed, supplied, and installed furniture to local and international labs in every industry. From traditional school laboratories to medical forensics labs, our award-winning designers know what furnishings each type of lab needs. Your lab’s design will depend on its industry and how it will be used. Ask our experts for guidance on how to create the best lab using our high quality benches, casework, cabinetry, counters, and more.

Here are a few of the industries we’ve served around the world:

Have a specific industry not listed here? Start building your custom laboratory or contact our expert designers for more information.

Casework Furniture for Aggregate and Mining Labs

Aggregate Mining Excavator Wheel

Mining facilities usually need on-site labs to perform quality checks and testing on aggregate. Yet quarries are not an ideal location for sterile laboratories. You can keep all your equipment safe in an on-site lab designed by Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture. Our expert designers offer flexible furniture systems for completely custom lab spaces.

With aggregate used in everything from concrete road construction to building foundations, on- and off-site mining labs have to be versatile. Casework and tables on locking castor wheels can be moved around to suit your changing needs.

Some of the aggregate and mining companies we’ve worked with include:

metallurgical Lab Workbenches and Cabinets

metallurgical work is a fine science. metal samples often undergo repeated testing to check for hardness, grain size, corrosion, and more. Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture designs and installs laboratories for metallurgical research and manufacturing.

metallurgical Smelting Processmetallurgical labs provide:

Stay safe when working with metal by using proper ventilation. Fume hoods designed and installed by Metrolabs experts provide a safer work environment.

We’ve supplied lab furniture and designs for:

Tech Lab Supplies

Building the next great technology to change the world? Make sure you have a suitable working space! Tech labs need to be clean to prevent accidental contamination to delicate computer components. Fume hoods are one way to keep dust out from your lab. Another is to build a custom clean room.

Petroleum Lab Spaces

Petroleum Refining LabPetroleum laboratories extract all sort of useful materials from this naturally occurring liquid. Petroleum forms the basics of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, alkenes, and much more. Depending on the lab, your work might revolve around refining oil or creating end products like asphalt. With so many options, your lab has to keep up with your workload.

A lab designed by Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture can meet all your needs.

Personalized Laboratory Designs for Custom Work

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture is a global leader in lab designs and outfitting. We have worked with all types of labs around the world in every industry imaginable. Maybe you need a flexible furniture system to spread out your equipment. Or maybe you need permanent, sturdy casework with high chemical resistance. No matter how specified your work, our designers will create the right lab for your needs. Just contact our team today to get an estimate on your new lab’s design.

Our designs incorporate:

Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture handles every aspect of your new lab. Build a new, industry-specific lab with our experts now. As a full-service design and sales firm, we’ll get back to you with CAD-designs or an estimate within 48 hours.\

Lab Setups For Any Industry or Field of Research

Labs in a range of industries feature furniture from Metrolabs Laboratory Furniture from industrial chemical plants to foodsafe spaces and cannabis testing facilities. Contact us to discuss your application and we'll help you figure out which furniture, fume extraction and safety equipment will be the best fit for your facility.

We've worked with industries like:

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