Lab Furniture

Specification of Laboratory Furniture

Wrok Top
Made of finely polished (18+1mm) thick Black Granite Top with Chamfer moulding at the front & groove at the bottom to avoid chemical spillage on the modules.
Material Of Construction
Completely made of 0.8 to 1 mm Galvanized Iron (G.I) sheets of TATA make only. As GI is 5 times more corrosion resistant than CRCA.
Under Bench Module
Completely made of GI sheets. CRCA corrodes and hence not acceptable. The shutter & drawer front should be of sandwich construction. Foam sheet filled in shutter gaps is not allowed. The sound deadning plastic bumpers to be used to minimize banging noise while closing the shutter. The entire module is made up of GI panels and are bolted for high corrossion resistance. Welding of modules is not accetable. The shutters are mounted to the modules by hinges which are openable to 95 degree & self closing on return. Lockable roller bearing must used so that the drawer will not fall. The telescopic drawer slides which should be very sturdy & able to take load upto 30kg. All modules to have lock and dual key arragement.The lock ring should be plastic & not metal. Module will have four castors. Front two lockable and back two non-lockable.
Length : 450mm / 600mm / 750mm / 900mm L (As per layout),
Depth : 570mm D,
Height : 675 mm H Standing Height,
Height : 525 mm H Sitting Height
Frame Construction
MS square pipe is used for main frame structure and bottom support. CO2 welded & finished with highly chemical resistant epoxy powder coating.
Knee space area
Openable back cover panel. It must be adjustable + 100 mm. Instrumentation and Sitting area knee space need to be 600 or 750 mm.
Sink & Tap
Polypropylene sink with outlet Nipple and three way swan neck tap will be provided.
Reagent Rack
Two tier Reagent Rack will be made of 20 gauge G.I Sheet and completely finished with epoxy powder coating. Top & Bottom rack 300 mm. clear space and outer 380mm. Overall height:750 mm.
Switch & Sockets
North-West / Norisys make : Electrical Socket with Piano switch 5/15amp with wiring
Powder Coating
Complete module & frame work are processed with 8 tank pretreatment and finished with highly corrosion resistant 'Akzonbel/PolyBond/equivalent' epoxy based powder coating With 60 - 70 microns thickness and 1000 hours salt spray test passed.
Hardware Fittings
A) Hinges :-'Hafele / Hettich' Make CED coated self closing.
B) Handle : S.S. 304 matt finish
C) Screw : All S.S. 304 Visible Screws.
D) Lock : 'Godrage / Hettich' Lock and a pair of keys.
Chemical Storage Cabinet
Overall Dimensions of the cabinet to be:- 900mm (L) x450mm(W) x1800mm (H) x 3 Nos. Two vertical drawers with 4 shelves each.
Frame:- Pedestal Frame30x30mm epoxy powder coating
Wall Storage Cupboards
20 Swg. Electro-Galvanised(G.I.) Sheets, external and internal finished in epoxy powder coating. One horizontal shelf will be provided. The glass shutters will be provided with lockable doors and aesthetic power coate handles.