lab furniture
lab furniture

Island Work Table


Wall Table

Island work tables are generally used in labs where all four sides can be utilized for working. This work table will have central service area through the middle of the table as shown in the figure

Throw this service area water line, drain line, electrical line and gas line can be provided. The gap is closed by a metal side cover. Which is fixed using screws, this can be detached by unscrewing and can be attached by re-screwing.

50 mm lipping of granite and 50 mm inclination towards inside is provided. So there, toes can be placed comfortably in standing position.

Adjustable floor leveling bush is provided to adjust the height of the table about 25 mm, if the floor height differs from one leg point to other leg point.

work table

service door

Wall table is projected along the wall side of the laboratory. This allows maximum open space in the middle of the laboratory.

This trick can be used to keep some island table in the middle of the lab if the lab is bigger enough.

If it is required to keep more number of instruments and those instruments requires many electrical connections, then wall table is a preferred.

Also, in wet lab, that too in the multistory building, if the lab is in above ground floor, if maximum sink points required, wall table is a preferred one, because, making water inlet and drain outlet is very comfortable.

wall table

"L" & "U"- shape Table


Instrumentation Table

This is nothing but the combination of wall table. The concept is the same as given in the wall table. The utility also same, like if any instrument is having a requirement of lengthy space, or if more sink points are required, this is a preferred one. There will be a gap between the wall and the table about 50 mm, through which electrical, plumping and drain connections can be done.

This table is preferably to be designed with an alternate cupboard. Because, for service work, through the knee hole space it can be done. Above all the utilities, if the lab is bigger enough, some island work tables also can be placed in the middle of the lab.

One corner module in L shape and two corner module in U shape will be provided without space separation. This can be utilised to keep bigger lab ware as well.


Instrument table requires more weight bearing capacity, more number of electrical connections, high stability against vibrations, electrical safety, and many.

We take all the above features in to consideration and design the instrumentation table. A plywood is placed in between the granite and the table frame structure when the load bearing capacity required above 100 kg per squire feet.


School Lab Furniture


Higher Education Lab Furniture

Our expertise and professionalism in Schools Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab Furniture & Computer Lab Furniture design and build ensures METROLABS is guaranteed to continue as one of the leading manufacturers of educational furniture within the industry. Durable construction and meticulous attention to detail complement the wide choice of materials and components used in our Schools Laboratory Furniture & Computer Lab Furniture and required to succeed in this challenging environment. Together with the experience of time served craftsmen and the vision of an innovative design team we can truly fulfil the objectives of your organization.


School lab

We was created science design standards for biology, chemistry and physics labs. The document, complete with survey results and design criteria, serves as a guide to ensure that every student, no matter what the campus, will have an equally valuable lab experience.


College Lab

Health Care Lab Furniture


We are a professional laboratory furniture manufacturer, specializing in designing and manufacturing furniture ideal for healthcare. Have a look our recent case studies to get an idea of what we can produce for you.

With our 15 years laboratory manufacturing and installing experience combined with our impressive new manufacturing facilities we are able to provide you with high quality products, a high standard of service as well as prompt and competitive prices.



Research range of lab furniture is designed to meet the toughest demands required by scientific research, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories. Our experienced design engineers understand the demands and requirements of the modern day laboratory facility, and have incorporated these into our furniture range.



Lab Stool


Lab Furniture Accessories

Well-polished stainless steel top made with 202 / 304 grade stainless steel of 18 Swg. Thick. Tubular structure constructed with stainless steel 202 Grade of 18 Swg. thick with 3 legs with height adjustment 1.6 feet to 2.3 feet


lab Stools

We can provide high quality of

  • PP Sink with Swan Neck Taps

  • Spot Extractors

  • Reagent Rack

  • Peg Boards

  • CPU Stand

  • Computer Key boards. Etc.

swannecktap reagent rack
valves cpu