Examination Table

Size:180cm L*80cm W*75cm Ht.18swg CRCA sheet double bent two section top , 32 mm tubular legs supported with 25mm dia tubes , head section adjustable on ratchet , mounted on adjustable shoes. Pretreated and powder coated.

ICU BED Electric (ABSPannel)

Size:200cmL*90cm*60cm to 80cm adjustable Ht. Four section perforated top, four separate screws for backrest, knee rest, trendelenburg/ reverse trendelenburg and Hi- Lo adjustment. SS tubular head and leg bows with laminated panels, I.V rod provision at four location, railings at both sides. Mounted on 15cm dia wheels with two brakes. Pretreated and powder coated..


Labour Table Complete SS

Size:1900mm*900mmW*800mmHt. Trendelenburg and back rest U cut in middle position sliding leg portion under the table for lithotomy position. Paddled lithotomy leg rest drainage tray big size to avoid spillage of fluid outside. Removable head and side railings and hand grip provision I.V stand provision with mattress 30mm thickness with rexin cover

SS Stools

Well-polished stainless steel top made with 202 / 304 grade stainless steel of 18 Swg. Thick.

Tubular structure constructed with stainless steel 202 Grade of 18 Swg. thick with 3 legs with height adjustment 1.6 feet to 2.3 feet