Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hood


A fume hood or fume cupboard is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts. A fume hood is typically a large piece of equipment enclosing five sides of a work area, the bottom of which is most commonly located at a standing work height.

We manufacture fume hoods as per customer’s requirement and installation site preferences. Galvanized Iron body with FRP/PP inner lining, Ducting, Pump are the basic functions with all fume hoods.


In addition to the above listing, sink, gas connection outlets, water connection outlets and more additions are installed based on the wired of per customer’s requirements. We manufacture both inbuilt motor type and separate motor type. We use FRP/PP pipe for ducting.

Digital air flow monitor can also be installed. Further to the fume exhaust, we can design a scrubber suitable for the vapor emission.


Specification of Fume Hood

Standard Floor Standing Model
Face Velocity
90 - 100 FPM/0.5 mts. Per. sec. (Average at 12" Sash opening Fume Hood)
Air Volume
1000 CFM (Designed for Full door opening)
Air Flow Type
Material of Construction
Exterior: 18 Swg. Electro Galvanished (G.I.) Sheet with Epoxy powder coat finish.
Interior: Chemical and Heat resistant with smooth finish, easily cleanable panels made of 6mm thick FRP.
Bottom Arrangements
Cabinets, with cupboard with one horizontal partition and shutters. Cupboards will be provided with branded locking arrangements and aesthetic handles finished with epoxy powder coating.
Aerodynamic shape fully made of 3mm FRP.
Work Top
Easy to clean and chemical and heat resistant Black Granite 18mm +/- 2mm or GI Sheet with Rubber pad top.
Sash (Shutter)
Single, Vertical Sliding, concealed type door. Balanced with counter weight, sash weights, wire etc., Provided with 5mm thick glass window with steel frame.
Blower Type
Centrifucal Blower
Powered by
1 HP 1440 RPM TEFC - three phase. 1hp capacity blower in sufficient for maximum distances of 10 mtrs. For requirement more than 10 mtrs 3hp capacity blower in required at extra.
Motor Brand
Kirloskar / Cropton
Air Volume
1000 CFM
Static Pressure
2" W.G.
Casing with FRP Lining
Fully moulded PP impeller
Exhaust Duct
PVC/FRP duct pipe of 200 mm dia with suitable elbow for a length of 2 mtrs, will be supplied with the system.
Will include Exhaust Chimney with weather cowl, bends flanges, brackets etc. Additional length of ducting will be supplied at extra cost.
Electrical Arrangements
2 Nos. 15/5 amps 3 pin socket cum control switch.
1 No. Push Button Starter for blower; 1 No. Illumination Switch.
1 No. Indicating Lamp. & C.E.P
By 4 Feet Tube Light.
Sink & Tap

Polypropylene chemical resistance black color sink provided with gasket/ 'O' Ring Nitrile Rubber to avoid leakagem with Outlet Nipple

Single way / Three way swan neck tap will be provided.